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Anna and Bonnie from SAILMATE met Bart, who is the co-founder of INSTOCK, during a sustainability competition set up by Heineken. We showed how dirt resistent the sleek surface of sail material proved by putting ketch-up on the aprons on stage and removing it easily without any traces. Bart was part of the jury and convicted that these upcycled aprons are not only useful, but also stylish in his restaurants and food trucks.

Our no waste ambition at SAILMATE by upcycling is same same but different to the INSTOCK concept. Read further to get more information about our partner.


the partner


Did you know that 1/3 of all food production is being wasted?

Our partner INSTOCK is a restaurant that works only with food waste and creates delicious and creative menus out of that. Sounds like SAILMATE's sister just in the food industry ;-)

They started with one restaurant in Amsterdam and by now they have 4 restaurants in the Netherlands and do a lot of catering.

They have a holistic approach to rescue food and offer their own cooking book, workshops and selected products like their own beer and granola. Best way to check out their unique concept is of course to eat there, but also their website offers a lot about them and food waste in general. 

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 SAILMATE ist eine einzigartige Marke. Für unsere Kunden entwerfen und branden wir Produkte aus gebrauchten Segeln. 

SAILMATE ist aus den Wörtern SAIL & MATE entstanden. 


  • SAIL steht für unsere Navigationsfähigkeiten, unsere Crewmitglieder, die für den Erfolg von grundlegender Bedeutung sind, und unsere Strategie, uns mit natürlichen Ressourcen fortzubewegen. 

  • Wir sind MATES mit der Natur, immer bestrebt, die natürlichen Ressourcen zu schützen.

  • Wir sind MATES mit Nachhaltigkeit, mit gebrauchtem Material zu arbeiten, Abfälle und Überproduktion zu vermeiden und lokal zu produzieren.

  • Wir sind MATES mit unseren Stakeholdern und arbeiten in Transparenz mit unseren Kunden, Lieferanten und allen Personen, die uns folgen, zusammen.

SAILMATE is a unique brand. For our business customers we design, brand and label accessories made out of upcycled sails.

SAILMATE is the combination of SAIL & MATE


  • SAIL stands for our skills to navigate, our crew members who are fundamental to succeed and our strategy to move forward with the natural elements. 

  • We are MATES with nature, always trying to protect natural resources.

  • We are MATES with sustainability, working with upcycled material, avoiding waste and overproduction and produce locally.

  • We are MATES with our stakeholders working in transparent collaboration with our customers, suppliers and all persons following us.

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