the idea

 We saw a clear fit between SAILMATE and LOWLANDER as a brewery of botanical beers. Both brands are committed to sustainability and back then we were both based in Amsterdam.

Lowlanders thinks about the environment in all business areas. That's also why they were looking for an environmentally friendly merchandise for their summer campaign. The product should be useful and sustainable and we came up with the idea of a branded beanbag. An eye-catcher on each terrace and the ideal spot to relax and have a beer. 

the partner

Lowlander is an Amsterdam brewery of botanical beers. The Netherlands literally means the ‘Low Lands’ as much of the land is below sea level. Pioneering seafarers, the Lowlanders traded all over the world. Inspired by their travels they explore the world of herbs, spices and fruit, and brew with these botanicals to create unique and naturally delicious beers.

Check out their delicious and unique assortment here 

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 SAILMATE ist eine einzigartige Marke. Für unsere Kunden entwerfen und branden wir Produkte aus gebrauchten Segeln. 

SAILMATE ist aus den Wörtern SAIL & MATE entstanden. 


  • SAIL steht für unsere Navigationsfähigkeiten, unsere Crewmitglieder, die für den Erfolg von grundlegender Bedeutung sind, und unsere Strategie, uns mit natürlichen Ressourcen fortzubewegen. 

  • Wir sind MATES mit der Natur, immer bestrebt, die natürlichen Ressourcen zu schützen.

  • Wir sind MATES mit Nachhaltigkeit, mit gebrauchtem Material zu arbeiten, Abfälle und Überproduktion zu vermeiden und lokal zu produzieren.

  • Wir sind MATES mit unseren Stakeholdern und arbeiten in Transparenz mit unseren Kunden, Lieferanten und allen Personen, die uns folgen, zusammen.

SAILMATE is a unique brand. For our business customers we design, brand and label accessories made out of upcycled sails.

SAILMATE is the combination of SAIL & MATE


  • SAIL stands for our skills to navigate, our crew members who are fundamental to succeed and our strategy to move forward with the natural elements. 

  • We are MATES with nature, always trying to protect natural resources.

  • We are MATES with sustainability, working with upcycled material, avoiding waste and overproduction and produce locally.

  • We are MATES with our stakeholders working in transparent collaboration with our customers, suppliers and all persons following us.

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