SAILMATE presents upcycled bags made of VARIANTA 18 sails at Interboot 2020

SAILMATE presents upcycled products made of genuine VARIANTA 18 sails at Interboot 2020.

SAILMATE is a Hamburg-based start-up specialised in customising B2B products made of upcycled sails. It all starts from a powerful vision: supporting companies to create their own sustainable, branded products by designing customized bags and interior products made of upcycled materials; old sails.

As sailing enthusiasts and owners of a VARIANTA 18 ourselves, we are proud to present our latest B2B collaboration with Zanon Nautica GbR, the German company now officially relaunches the famous VARIANTA 18 after her production has been paused for years.

Presented in world premiere at Interboot 2020 in Friedrichshafen, the SAILMATE X VARIANTA 18 collection consists of a customized set of sail bags we created base on our partner Zanon Nautic's  input. Made of strong, upcycled sails from older VARIANTAS, the branded rope bags and bottle holders fit and function perfectly to VARIANTA 18's design. The iconic black VA branding is part of it and their size and shape is customized for the VARIANTA 18 cockpit. 

All sail bags as well as the VARIANTA 18 are made locally in Germany. Each set of bags is individual and a high value addition for each new VARIANTA 18 and her owner. So, if you are interested in buying a VARIANTA 18, you will love the SAILMATE X VARIANTA collection.   

the rebirth of the beloved VARIANTA 18

So, if you own a VARIANTA 18 or you are interested in buying a VARIANTA 18, you will love the SAILMATE X VARIANTA collection. The collection can be ordered at Zanon Nautic. VARIANTA 18 used to be the smallest boat of the high quality German shipyard Dehler. One of their first models in the 1960s used to be a VARIANTA. Over the years, Dehler specialized their portfolio in larger yachts, and has built up its reputation on high quality, sporty sailboats.

In 2009, they relaunched VARIANTA 18 as the smallest sailing boat of their range, and as a new version of the so called "Rotkäppchen".

Unfortunately, only 299 boats of VARIANTA 18 were built until Dehler stopped the production again in 2014 due to a new owner and new strategy of the shipyard. Therefore the little and successful VARIANTA 18 didn't fit in the range and their production process.

There is a big group of VARIANTA 18 enthusiasts and there were a couple of trials to relaunch the brand. Different license owners built single units of the VARIANTA 18 since 2014.


Finally, a South-German company tool over the heritage. Since 2020, Zanon Nautic owns the licenses of VARIANTA 18 and give rebirth to this legendary boat.

From VARIANTA 18 sails to customized sail bags                       - a circular process

By using the original VARIANTA 18 sails for the SAILMATE X VARIANTA upcycled products, SAILMATE brings sustainability and circularity to the boating industry. By using available resources the products have an incredible small ecological footprint. The high quality of the VARIANTA 18 sails is ideal for the bags, Indeed, the last series of VARIANTA 18 that was built are now 6 to 10 years old, which is the typical time when owners start to change their sails. After up to 10 years of loyal work on the boat, these sails are still perfectly strong to create long lasting bags, which simply repurpose old sailing material to new life.

simply, good sailing - the iconic style of VARIANTA 18

Simply, good, sailing is the slogan that Eva and Simon Zanon came up with, and it couldn't describe VARIANTA 18 better. In order to enjoy a pure sailing experience, the boat is sleek and simple, and it embarks only the necessary features. That way you enjoy a pure sailing experience.

Simplicity at it's best.


The iconic VARIANTA 18 logo is nicely designed in big black letters and is also visible on the original mainsail, which creates a distinctive look. Additionally, the mainsail includes the building number 1-299 on the sail. So not only an interesting boat but especially interesting sails to upcycle.

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 SAILMATE ist eine einzigartige Marke. Für unsere Kunden entwerfen und branden wir Produkte aus gebrauchten Segeln. 

SAILMATE ist aus den Wörtern SAIL & MATE entstanden. 


  • SAIL steht für unsere Navigationsfähigkeiten, unsere Crewmitglieder, die für den Erfolg von grundlegender Bedeutung sind, und unsere Strategie, uns mit natürlichen Ressourcen fortzubewegen. 

  • Wir sind MATES mit der Natur, immer bestrebt, die natürlichen Ressourcen zu schützen.

  • Wir sind MATES mit Nachhaltigkeit, mit gebrauchtem Material zu arbeiten, Abfälle und Überproduktion zu vermeiden und lokal zu produzieren.

  • Wir sind MATES mit unseren Stakeholdern und arbeiten in Transparenz mit unseren Kunden, Lieferanten und allen Personen, die uns folgen, zusammen.

SAILMATE is a unique brand. For our business customers we design, brand and label accessories made out of upcycled sails.

SAILMATE is the combination of SAIL & MATE


  • SAIL stands for our skills to navigate, our crew members who are fundamental to succeed and our strategy to move forward with the natural elements. 

  • We are MATES with nature, always trying to protect natural resources.

  • We are MATES with sustainability, working with upcycled material, avoiding waste and overproduction and produce locally.

  • We are MATES with our stakeholders working in transparent collaboration with our customers, suppliers and all persons following us.

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