Get a super comfortable & durable sail beanbag

  • recycled sailcloth (100% PES)
  • straps (100% PES)
  • filling EPS pearls

Size L (as on pictures)

  • volume  ca 350 l
  • height 80 cm
  • length 130 cm
  • width 80 cm

Size XL


  • volume  ca 450 l
  • height 80 cm
  • length 200 cm
  • width 90 cm



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Please note that we don’t pre-produce as we don’t want to create overstock. 

That’s part of our mission for sustainability. Based on our capacity we will produce your order individually on demand. Please reach out and we are happy to reply to you individually.

functionality beanbag

 inside: each beanbag is one of a kind and an eye-catcher in different enviornment. They fit perfectly in a beach house, but also in an urban interior. No matter where they tell a story of upcycling and uniqueness.


outside: in their first life sails were facing the elements. So also as a beanbag they are good to be outside by the poolside, in a garden, on a terrace or best case on the beach.


durable: the strong sail cloth material is long lasting and resistant. The material is easy to clean as dirt stays on the surface of the fabric. Also the EPS filling is a long lasting and high quality material. Both outside and inside material are fast drying in case they get wet. 


light: sail cloth is ultra light while being strong. Also the filling made of EPS pearls is light weight. So in total a big beanbag that is still easy to move around.


comfort: the high quality filling of small EPS pearls leads to highly comfortable sitting. The pearls adjust perfectly to your posture.


usage: interior, beanbag, beach decoration, terrace, garden furniture, patio furniture


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upcycling: after taken off the boats the sails are washed and ironed, which cleans them but also makes them softer before they are recycled into new products. Still every sail keeps a patina from its previous life so don't be surprised to see some traces of their past on your SAILMATE product.


uniqueness: every sail is different and carries on some unique stitches and marks from its previous life so our pictures are references, but will differ depending on the used sail.

strength: is a key functionality of sails. They resisted the elements and even in their second life they are still strong to carry heavy weight.


care: our products are machine washable (see details per product). So they stay as clean and bright as in the beginning, although you use them a lot. Additionally the highly twilled yarn and tightly woven fabric built a sleek surface where a lot of dirt pearls of or at least doesn't go in the fibre. Based on that sail fabric is very fast drying. Depending on what you put in them it also makes it very hygienic that you can easily wash them and they are not absorbing dirt.

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 SAILMATE ist eine einzigartige Marke. Für unsere Kunden entwerfen und branden wir Produkte aus gebrauchten Segeln. 

SAILMATE ist aus den Wörtern SAIL & MATE entstanden. 


  • SAIL steht für unsere Navigationsfähigkeiten, unsere Crewmitglieder, die für den Erfolg von grundlegender Bedeutung sind, und unsere Strategie, uns mit natürlichen Ressourcen fortzubewegen. 

  • Wir sind MATES mit der Natur, immer bestrebt, die natürlichen Ressourcen zu schützen.

  • Wir sind MATES mit Nachhaltigkeit, mit gebrauchtem Material zu arbeiten, Abfälle und Überproduktion zu vermeiden und lokal zu produzieren.

  • Wir sind MATES mit unseren Stakeholdern und arbeiten in Transparenz mit unseren Kunden, Lieferanten und allen Personen, die uns folgen, zusammen.

SAILMATE is a unique brand. For our business customers we design, brand and label accessories made out of upcycled sails.

SAILMATE is the combination of SAIL & MATE


  • SAIL stands for our skills to navigate, our crew members who are fundamental to succeed and our strategy to move forward with the natural elements. 

  • We are MATES with nature, always trying to protect natural resources.

  • We are MATES with sustainability, working with upcycled material, avoiding waste and overproduction and produce locally.

  • We are MATES with our stakeholders working in transparent collaboration with our customers, suppliers and all persons following us.

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